1. To promote and encourage goodwill and friendship among all the residents of the area.

  2. To encourage civic responsibility and interest in our community.

  3. To protect and promote the best interest of the residents of Salisbury Beach.

  4. To promote and strive for the protection and improvement of all public facilities and services within the area.

  5. To work with National, State, County and Town officials and other civic and public organizations in all endeavors that effect the welfare of our area and Salisbury Beach

Board of Directors:

Bill Greilich, President
Don Egan, Treasurer
John Housianitis, Secretary
Donna Champagne

Ray Champagne
Derek Depetrillo
Ron Guilmette
Mike Magnifico
Lou Masiello
Al Peterson

Maribeth Timony


PO Box 5508

Salisbury, MA  01952

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